27 Aug

Wheelers Van Rentals Awarded Outstanding Client Approval Accolade

Professional Award

NEW YORK, USA August 27th 2014 – Wheelers Van Rentals an American based company with main headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona has just been awarded the much sought after award given to unique individuals and innovative companies with Outstanding Client Approval Ratings.

Wheelers Van Rentals is a nationally based accessible van, wheelchair and scooter rental company that started out in Phoenix, Arizona and now offers their services on a national scale. Wheelers offers a wide array of services from Las Vegas Wheelchair Van Rentals to Orlando Wheelchair Van Rentals all at affordable prices yearlong. For more than 25 years they have grown to be the country’s most respected accessible travel company and plan to offer their services in every major city in America within the next 10 years. This is in no small part thanks to their Outstanding Client Approval Rate garnered after a quarter century of satisfied customers.

Client satisfaction is Wheelers #1 priority and helping you plan a successful business trip or vacation with an accessible loved one is their main area of expertise. Being in the industry since 1987 they know how difficult it is for families with accessible loved ones to travel without the proper provisions and equipment that is why they take care of the commute so you just have to worry about the rest. Thousands of clients have been helped over the years and all speak wonders of Wheelers prompt service, state of the art vehicles and fair prices.

Merit Worthy’s job is to seek out individuals and companies setting the bars high in their industries and providing the best possible service. Wheelers was awarded this prestigious award not because they have been the pioneers in accessible travel but because of the thousands of satisfied clients they have served and their ability to always look for ways to improve their service. With the addition of their free airport pick-up and curbside delivery, Wheelers is setting the bar high and the sky’s the limit. Wheelers specialty is accessible van rentals but also provide a very helpful wheelchair and scooter rental service which allows customers to find all they need at the same place.

With a perfect combination of prompt service, friendly staff and state of the art vans Wheelers are clearly your go-to-guys for accessible travel and all overall vacationing. With services such varying from Charlotte Wheelchair Van Rentals to Santa Rosa Wheelchair Van Rentals you have to admit their coverage area is hard to top. Their state accessible travel services such as Florida Wheelchair Van Rentals and Texas Wheelchair Van Rentals provide travels with comfort and security throughout their entire trip. They also offer: San Diego Wheelchair Van Rentals, San Francisco Wheelchair Van Rentals, Dallas Wheelchair Van Rentals, Fort Worth Wheelchair Van Rentals among others.

All of these reasons and many more gave Wheelers the upper hand in being the laureates of this prestigious award given monthly on a national level. We plan to hear of Wheelers in the future and know they will continue to add to their list of satisfied clients.

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